i still
i still
follow the same tears
on night skies
clouds softly detaching

enough poetry
for this day with no sunshine inside this glass building
I can’t take so much of this shit.
Just can’t
metaphors for this shit
this shit called dull lull of emotions!

and moving into another blue
white snow
moon light
so i
so i
love moving my stars
right now
into and out of movements beneath me
you lie beneath me and for a while it feels right
for a long time it feels right

taste it all at once, feels good to be part of happiness
the one that transcends
transitory transience never said

Ugh, your picturesque words make no sense
even sicken me
that asshole still lurks
as if nothing went wrong

fear ogres
fear ogres blinding all the happiness
if its going to break

so once again, you will be losing yourself.
we will be losing ourselves.

blue like bricks
start digging up all the sand
start and you can’t stop.

the small blinking lights of the machine keeps beeping
reaches a high crescendo and then lets go.
And I’ve decided to go back into happiness with a missing p
can’t lie about who we are
who i am
i with a small i


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