I miss her

Remind me to never say things aloud
I’ve missed you
my voice softly talking inside my mind
in all honesty she breathes, in all purity she never lies
no darkness, no lack lustre over hyped stories of inspiration and will

just her and me
even when I walk at night
I don’t need another soul for warmth
oh, I wouldnt mind it
but loneliness got to her and she fled
the voice in my head fled
fled so far away that now
when I find the quitest corner for her, she doesn’t even whisper
she only chokes soundlessly, a surge of emotions
but not a sound
no rationale in her voice, no soft ness
just the present reality of knowing that this is it

she’s left me alone to fend for my self
and I miss her



~written on 5th of April, 2016


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