smallest kind of small

I write with small letters
I speak with short words
I write in tiny whispers that nobody can notice

I no more sleep
in my own small bed
I no more dance
with long footsteps

Times have changed and I
I am small

under the bed and behind the ledge
because shadows aren’t dark enough to hide

So I lurk
I lurk in small steps
smaller than your very first steps
whispers are rare and my voice scarce

But I missed,
my lengthy breaths
my expanded moments of long syllable d laughter

But today,
I’ve accepted the small
Like the letters on the spine
I want the small
Like  bubbles in which he swam
I want the small
The slender spine with honey coloured whims
I want the small

For small is invisible
almost undetectable
and when you are around
I’d like to be small

the smallest kind of small


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