Letters from the Brain: Part One

I met someone today, claiming to know me
what a lie
I said
Almost out loud
with the full confidence and conviction that I normally can’t even garner when I have to simply ask someone the way to the washroom!
‘No, not anymore, that was in school’ he says
reading my mind as I was taking a nonchalant trip down towards childhood because I had decided that I must must write about this encounter

The encounter that had already begun
just about now

‘I know you’ he said again, looking into me eyes

Don’t people get it, I have weak eyes, weak eye muscles, I just cannot focus into your eyes
It is quite difficult
Soft focus is my forte
I am not shy or trying to be rude!
He says nothing this time, gives a slight shrug, breathes out a sigh and begins to walk away
Just like that

I awaken from my flustered thoughts and call out to him almost with a hint of disappointment

‘Hey, didn’t you say you know me’
‘No, I got tired of reading your thoughts, why don’t you continue with them’

But, you know me
He gave a tired but gentle smile and said
‘I think I’m done knowing you, I’ll take a break’

Goodbye, I wave excitedly with a hint of sarcasm
the disappointment all gone
Meet you in 15

– Sincerely
from when I met my brain


Apologies, but I could not find the owner of this image.
It does not belong to me.


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