Let’s begin to exploit!

It starts with a simple act of throwing a plastic bottle in a reserved forest or a coral reef.
I mean you threw it on land, on earth, in your own rented or bought land just like you do everyday, so why stop at pristine land, surely its a paradox worth thinking upon!
So lets just throw it all on another dirty road. We can surely ignore it, there are bigger things to worry upon and the land is ours to exploit.My land, our land and well every land possibly available to be bought and exploited!
Bringing in more perspective, I speak specifically and especially of the native people living in the Andamans!
Making a whole community extinct because we do not know where our excesses stop?? (The civilized world’s excesses/needs of consumption)

We go as far as to feed our high in sodium food to them. Food that kills them. Run our safaris through their land, fear and ridicule. Natives, tribes and different from us

Where do our excesses stop?

So much land, so many people. Why can we not spare some land for the tribal who are so few. But they must be civilized (exploited), resettled, roads must be constructed for tourism, diesel vehicles must dirty their air too, after all nothing must remain untouched. Everything and everyone must be exploited.

An angry post never did shed much light on the truth so here’s a link below for some calm and objective information.




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