The Middle Page!

The middle page has been chosen and today is a rare middle of the day when we are ready to feel more than just the anxiousness of passing time.
Nothing as surreal as the slow slur that comes with fear concussions in your mind but just the plain real.
Yes, you used to stammer or did it pause at the middle of this day to return unannounced at the choicest of moments! Mid sentence or mid recital?
So your is a reason to exist because what better to do in times like these, such lovely terrible times. Nobody makes meaning and yet we all try and make sense of   happiness, hope and the intimation that better times are to come.Even if there is no intimation.
Fear and the need to express all boiled up in a maddening stew, hoping to be tasted with a pinch of salt and bare fingers like open arms. Sat down on floor and we all talked should be the happy ending.

For all the worse that the world can conspire.It doesn’t. Yet time passes into our minds, for our consciousness travels much beyond the papers and the political upheavals, it revolves around how you were born and to become this
to you living.
More aware, less crude, more loving with each passing moment.
Maybe it won’t be all butterflies in mermaid sauce and you will feel darker by the pace of time and smolder with self doubt and feel like depths of dirt.
But other times, not most times but in times of clarity, you will reign in this lovely middle page and softly and with all the calm you can muster upwards.
You will say
Something that will make you smile, not at someone but just at the pause in the middle of the day.
Paper, pitch and some ink will find you an empty slot in the day and it will be yours to say, hello again.


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