It’s cool to be the cold one.
The colder one between the two.
The ice-cream scoop on top of the waffle cone.
Pink in ice-y shades
Crunchy waffle without the dripping sweetness on the side.

Just perfect.

Ice- cream being the metaphor for my ‘cool nonchalance’
Where I coolly text back the word ‘cool’ to everything that is ever said.
From the mild enthusiastic sign of happiness to the disappointment when a plan is cancelled.
Every bit is cool.

Nonchalance is like wild lily
That makes no sense
Umm, I just bought a body spray with that fragrance and I just felt like
You know..

Yes, of course.

Yesterday, I stood waiting, holding my pink ice cream on a cone.
Inside a cone.
Dripping in the evening heat, parched by the lack of a breeze.
I could smell the wild lily fragrance.

The ice cream looked at me with a self- involved stoic-ness,
she didn’t want to come across as too involved.
You understand right?
Meet me tomorrow?
If you’re not busy?
Of course.

The new found flavour of detachment.
Is cool like ice-cream
I prefer the
I’d like to meet you tomorrow, I  like your company.
Tomorrow same place, same ice-cream?
Yes, of course 🙂



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