That’s what I am made of

even inside your room

where you can’t see me

I am the reflected light
while you breathe
in and out
out and in

The outside isn’t just a bus or your feet on the road,

your deferred happiness in your tall buildings.
or happiness in your no buildings
You can’t see me

Now that I’m right next to you

taking up your precious parking spot



you said you don’t need me

you said I cost nothing

to re grow

Time is too fickle to bother about me

I am nature’s bounty

and you, a part of it?



prosper with cars fuelled by poison
that I cleanse

you breathe
my air

Uh oh.. Didn’t think of that did you

So, can you do without me?

Uprooting me
is a

a good investment

Go ahead

cut me down

and build another machine

Asbestos instead of canopy

call trains the lifeline of humanity
yet this city breathes through me
And yet I am a bastard child
the one you remember right at the end
an accessory to your concrete garden
but I am your friend,
am I?
The invisible soul mate who stands beside you and never speaks a single word


You think we are so different, you and I
You do this for money and for more money

Money is made up of my leaves
and you leave

with no leaves


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