I think I’m done for today. So much was expressed this morning with so much
utmost honesty
that I swear to god
I feel kinda puckish.

Yes we went from empty melancholic sadness of the soul to gross, real quick.
This brand of defence mechanism comes with a  touch of gore and bodily fluid splattered all over
the right places.
Before you get sexual over these words.
Let me just say

Elbow hair!
Pluck that elbow hair.
Do humans even grow them anymore?

Yes that was required.

Every requirement comes with a motivation
and my motivation for today is survive through some parts of the afternoon into some parts of the evening so that I may go home and sleep
and of course the accomplished taste of living past
03/ 08/ 2017

Bloody hell
It’s been 17 years since that god awful year we called Y2K
wait was that the K3G year
you know that god awful film we all should have watched
All not including me.

The same year the computers were going to crash
My new colleague next to me just gave me this ever so lightening information.

Useless information.

Coming back to K3G
Sometimes gum and sometimes glitter gum, is what it should have been called
But K3G just means three times KKK and one times G

I want to translate the name of this film but I don’really care.
I’m still retching out my suppressed emotions out into this god awful white page.

God, how I love this word
Makes me feel exactly the same as when I started writing this crap.


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